ENTREPRENEUR Mr. Canova is currently the CEO of Zynity, which provides a methodology and set of web-based tools to develop exceptional executive leadership teams. The Zynity Leadership™ web-based tools are for the executive leadership team in organizations in the same manner web-based tools are used for leading and managing a sales department. He is also CEO of the Framework for Leading Institute, focused on applied research and education to increase structure and discipline for executive leadership teams. In the 70s, he and a partner built a consulting and seminar business attended by thousands of participants annually. Mr. Canova was Founder and CEO of Zacson Corporation, one of the earliest and most prominent B2B outsourcing contact center service agencies. He started in 1980 with napkin drawings and grew it to 3,000 employees in 5 countries with dozens of $billion+ companies as clients and alliance partners. The company specialized in designing and implementing alternate sales channels, marketing, customer service, and technical help desk support for large companies in the technology and telecommunications industries.

EXECUTIVE He was CEO of Synteleos in the Silicon Valley, an early ASP providing transaction management capabilities, which allow companies to improve their operating effectiveness and customer satisfaction while collaborating with many independent parties to accomplish a common task. Mr. Canova was the COO of Enalasys Corporation. Enalasys provides computerized diagnostic tools and is the industry leader as a Verification Service Provider for home and commercial HVAC systems.

COACH / CONSULTANT Canova provides coaching and consulting services for a variety of organizations. He serves on Boards, develops boards, develops, and guides executive leadership teams.

SPEAKING / TEACHING Canova speaks around the world on executive team leadership and executive team coaching. He formerly conducted leadership and management accounting seminars under the auspices of the Wharton School. He was also an instructor at the Academic Computer Center of the U.S. Military Academy at West Point and a teaching fellow at the Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania.

WRITING Canova’s latest book, Exceptional Executive Teams, presents a methodology to help streamline and develop executive leadership teams to accelerate growth and productivity. His book, How I Lead and Manage, introduces a need for and a template to structure how one leads and manages their organization. His series of books entitled A Framework for Leading™ present a leadership methodology for leaders and managers of small and midsize enterprises. The series presents the what, why, and how to implement the Framework for Leading™ methodology. It helps leaders and managers work together better to accelerate growth and increase productivity in their organizations. It is designed for profit and nonprofit organizations. He also published a book entitled Overcoming the Four Deceptions in Career Relationships. This is a motivational book and provides techniques designed to help people work more effectively within organizations.

VIDEO Mr. Canova spoke to the Stanford Alumni Association. The speech was taped and is sold as part of their video series entitled Executive Briefings. The title of the video is “Customer-Focused Companies: Using Integrated Marketing Practices to Increase Profitability.”

EDUCATION Mr. Canova earned a B.S. degree in Agronomy at California State University, Fresno. He earned an MBA from the Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania, while also serving there as a Teaching Fellow.